• 3 Common Misconceptions About the Scope of the Dark Web

    Written By: Idan Aharoni      Apr 16, 2018
    In recent years, the "Dark Web" has become a major part of cyber security and intelligence discussions. Details about the Dark Web and the activities that take place within it have been heavily featured, not only in security blogs but in mainstream media as well. Blog posts about... Read More
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  • HTTP Proxy Setup with Squid on Ubuntu 16.04

    Written By: Idan Aharoni      Apr 10, 2018
    Proxies are an imperative tool in web intelligence work. They enable the collection of data from sensitive locations on the web such as the Dark Web, and use avatars in social media and other closed resources. Proxies can be obtained for free from available lists, bought from var... Read More
  • The Challenges of Web Intelligence

    Written By: Idan Aharoni      Apr 10, 2018
    The web contains an abundance of information that can support various aspects of business. Cyber and physical security, competitive analysis, brand monitoring and marketing are just a few examples where data collected from various parts of the web could support both the on-going ... Read More
  • Announcing a New Site Design and Web Intelligence Index

    Written By: Idan Aharoni      Apr 10, 2018
    For the past recent months we’ve been quietly working on a new design for Inteller’s website, which we are happy to launch today. We’ve felt for some time now that the site needed a refresh in order to keep pace with our evolving product and business. As we constantly add n... Read More