• Why Fraud Examiners Really Need to Be Familiar With the Dark Web

    Written By: Idan Aharoni      Apr 23, 2019
    Back in March, Fraud Conference News reported on a presentation by Ritesh Bhatia at the 2019 ACFE Fraud Conference Middle East, titled “Why Fraud Examiners Need to Be Familiar With the Dark Web”. While I do not agree with some of the statements that were made by Mr. Bhatia (f... Read More
  • The Rise of Fintech Means an Optimistic Future for Fraudsters

    Written By: Idan Aharoni      Mar 20, 2019
    Last month, Javelin Strategy & Research published the 2019 Identity Fraud Study, which contained the good news that overall card fraud is in decline. The adoption of strong anti-fraud measures such as EMV has made it difficult to successfully pull off card-present fraud and force... Read More
  • How the Full Potential of Threat Intelligence is Often Missed

    Written By: Idan Aharoni      Jan 23, 2019
    In recent years, threat intelligence has become a staple in SOC operations, and for good reason. While a SOC team normally has visibility into events that happen within their organization’s networks, such as failed attempts to log into a resource or suspicious requests to acces... Read More
  • Monitoring the Entire Web with Google Custom Search

    Written By: Idan Aharoni      Nov 16, 2018
    Whether the goal of your web intelligence activities is to detect cybercrime, identify threats to your organization or collect insights on your competitors, one of the most powerful and useful tools available is Google Search. While the average person uses Google Search to find r... Read More
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  • Pastebin Monitoring Methods

    Written By: Idan Aharoni      Oct 5, 2018
    When we start working with a new customer, we usually receive a wish-list of sources that they wish to monitor using our platform. Based on the sources indicated on the list, we set up the coverage of the system. One of the sources that keeps coming up on these wish-lists, reques... Read More
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  • Come Meet Us: Upcoming Conferences

    Written By: Idan Aharoni      Aug 23, 2018
    If you'd like to see the Inteller platform in action, you can find us in these upcoming conferences: Israel HLS & Cyber 2018November 12-15, 2018Tel Aviv, Israelisraelhlscyber.com The 5th HLS & CYBER International Conference & Exhibition, organized by The Israel Export & Inter... Read More
  • Domain Hijacking and Pharming Attack Detection Using DNS Querying

    Written By: Idan Aharoni      Jul 8, 2018
    In recent years, malware and the exploitation of vulnerabilities have been receiving a major chunk of the cyber security attention, as well as the focus of threat intelligence, to the point where “threat intelligence” is a term that can often be substituted with “malware IO... Read More
  • Fraudsters Pass on Blockchain Technology to Harden Their Infrastructure

    Written By: Idan Aharoni      Jun 19, 2018
    A few months ago, on November 2017, security company RSA, the security division of EMC, reported in a blog post that fraudsters have begun utilizing blockchain technology as part of their infrastructure to host sites on the Dark Web. To be more specific, a certain Dark Web site h... Read More
  • Founder of Alboraaq and Altenen Arrested by Israeli Police

    Written By: Idan Aharoni      May 21, 2018
    According to Israeli media, Hilmi Git, the found of major cybercrime forums Alboraaq and Altenen, has been arrested by the Israeli Police’s 433 Lahav unit. Git, a Hebron-based Palestinian, is prosecuted over various charges, which include credit card theft and money laundering.... Read More
  • Enabling TOR Access for Crawlers and Scripts Using Privoxy

    Written By: Idan Aharoni      Apr 29, 2018
    In recent years, monitoring .onion sites, which are sites hosted on The Onion Router (TOR) network, has become a necessity for most web intelligence operations. So many bad sites are hosted on TOR, such as cybercriminal forums and drug marketplaces, that it is often mistaken for ... Read More
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